Saturday, April 4, 2009

11 Weeks Post Op

I haven't posted in quite sometime because it's been a bit busy around here but I wanted to post a quick update on Rudi. He is now at 11 weeks post op and is doing very well. Walking well and has been let off leash to do his business out back. He sometimes gets stiff after his walks in the afternoon but at this point I believe that is normal and we just keep an eye on his progress. He normally "walks it off" shortly afterwards. He is happier and loves life as he did before all this trauma to his knees occurred. His hair is still growing back so that's probably the biggest issue with me right now. Not earth shattering but you can still tell where he was shaved. He is a GSD, however, so he has lots of hair to get back.

Brian and I went out for ice cream today and saw a family there with a beautiful long haired Shepherd. Almost pure blonde! Only a year old and that dog looked twice Rudi's size. I couldn't imagine....all that hair and all that extra weight. But I did realize going home that after Rudi I'll always have a German Shepherd! They are terrific dogs!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little over 7 weeks

Rudi has been doing very well lately. He's graduated from his kennel and xpen to a small room during the day and behind a baby gate when we get home from work. Still not allowed to run or jump so he's confined from the living room and bedroom. At night, he takes turns sleeping on Brian's side of the bed (his favorite place) or in his kennel. We've left his kennel in the bedroom but keep the door open so he can still use it if he wants. His fan is still in front of it so he likes that alot. He's been out to potty on his own in the backyard and he hasn't tried to run around like a maniac. He just knows to go out and do his thing and come right back in.

We are also taking very short walks for rehabilitation purposes. He's still only at the 5 min per day walk until next week. We haven't been able to walk him as much as we'd like because of the weather but it was gorgeous yesterday so he got his walk in. He is walking so much better. He was even very good yesterday when we passed another big dog going for a walk. He didn't get aggressive and start snarling and barking. I was very proud of him. I think he's just happy to be out and about.

Right now, he's enjoying the lazy morning in the screened in back porch. It's 65 degrees outside and he's loving it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

6 Week Check Up = A+

Rudi had his final check up today with Dr. Stallings. He said he's healed rapidly and can begin short walks now. We are thrilled. The clicking in Rudi's right leg is still nothing to be concerned about. I asked Dr. Stallings to check it over again and he didn't see anything that was out of place, so to speak. It's definitely his kneecap shifting when he walks so I guess Brian and I need to just adjust to the new and improved "clicky Rudi". I guess that's what happens when you becoming bionic.
The doctor also felt it was not a great idea to put Rudi in daycare while we are in Vegas in June. Brian's brother will stay home with the dogs as a second option. Atleast that's 4 mos. away and Rudi still has time to adjust to his new legs.
This was hopefully our last visit to the surgeon's office so we asked for a photo of Rudi and Dr. Stallings. As you can see he obliged. It turned out to be a good one! One I'll keep for years to come as a reminder of what Dr. Stallings has done for our boy! He gave him the quality of life he deserves and for that we are grateful! Thank you, Dr. Stallings!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week Six Post Op

Today is Rudi's 6 week marker! He has his final check up with Dr. Stallings tomorrow. We are hoping Rudi will get to come home with the permission to go on short walks. He's doing well with getting around. He just still looks funny without all of his hair grown in. His other knee is still clicking everytime he walks so we want to bring that up again tomorrow too. I'm glad we are halfway there. Hopefully by the time Brian and I go on vacation in June he'll be ready to stay at the doggie daycare in town. I'll be talking to Dr. Stallings about that as well. We aren't sure how he's going to feel about it but the daycare already told us that they can operate off of whatever we wish as far as the level of activity. Rudi can just be leash walked, he can play with just Elmo outside or he can play with other active dogs. It's going to be a matter of what the surgeon feels best. I'm looking forward to finding out what he thinks. Stay tuned. The appt is 9:30 am!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week Four Post Op

Rudi has made it to a month since his second surgery. We've seen a little more progress but I'll still have to say that it's a slower pace than his first surgery. His hair is coming in a little faster though so we are happy about that.
Poor boy has had an upset tummy lately though. He's had us up in the middle of the night with "potty issues" if you know what I mean. Not fun for him nor for us when we are walking him outside in 30 degree weather. Brrr!
He's been spoiled now on chicken and rice to give him something bland for his tummy. He's doing a little better. I'm wondering if it's just a bug he got. Elmo was feeling bad last week too so who knows.
Next week Rudi goes in for his 6 week xrays and then his slow walking rehab will begin. You can still hear the clicking every so often when he's walking so I might ask the surgeon to do another picture of his right leg just to make sure it's sound. He still has a limp but if I remember correctly, it will take some more time until he's really walking with 100% confidence. I'm sure rehab will help as well.
We're getting there!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week Three Post Op

We've arrived at week three and Rudi is coming along nicely. His hair is growing back faster and I think it has something to do with the cold weather we've been having. Three more weeks and he'll be getting his 6 week follow up xrays. My how time flies! I'm not complaining. I can't wait to give him more room to roam. He'll be allowed in a small room after 6 weeks and also the green light for some very short walks. I'm hoping it will warm up by then. It's 17 degrees tonight and I can't imagine walking him in that kind of cold. Brrr!

Rudi is now off all meds. We took him off of the Ace (sedative) Tuesday. Now he goes to bed at night and during the day without having to be sedated. The first couple of days you could tell the difference. He couldn't sleep and he paced in his kennel. He also woke up at 5:30 whining because he wanted out. That I could do without but I'm just glad he's pill-free now. He's 100% my Rudi again!

So far so good! More to report next week!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Staples Out!

Today was Rudi's first big milestone after his second knee surgery. We got to go for a car ride down to the surgeon's office to remove Rudi's staples. He was pretty anxious the whole ride. We had to give him a sedative pill to take the edge off but it didn't really kick in until on the way home.

Either way, we got there on time and Dr. Stallings said the incision looked great and he was healing nicely. We always like to hear good news. We did bring up the clicking in his leg and it turns out that it's in his right leg (the leg operated on last year). It's not his meniscus tearing it's his patella (kneecap). He said not to lose sleep over it because the movement of the kneecap can happen after the recontructive surgery. His right leg is still stable and he said the clicking is more like a slight tick to him. He said it's nothing to worry about but to keep an eye on it in case we see him start limping in the future (Lovely!). He really seemed pretty passive about it so I'm going to take his advice and not stress (yeah, right!) haha!

Rudi is home and sleeping after his very busy morning. It's the most activity he's had since day of surgery. We go back in 4 weeks for follow up xrays but Dr. Stallings is pleased with the way he's coming along. He believes the final outcome will be a full recovery and going back to normal life again. We are happy with that!