Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Surgery #2 is scheduled

Rudi will be going in for his 2nd surgery on January 15th. Just like the first surgery, we will drop him off at 8am on the 15th and pick him up Friday, January 16th around 5pm. We will nurse him back to health over the next 16 weeks of recovery. This time I've taken some time off work to spend with him so he's not alone immediately after surgery. We will have the entire weekend after surgery then I'm off that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He'll have a good week home with me taking care of him around the clock. We'll be a pro at this before we know it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oops I did it again!

Two weeks ago, Brian and I noticed some issues with Rudi's left leg. The leg that was NOT operated on. We kept hearing a clicking sound but was unsure what is was. Over the past two weeks it's gotten louder and accompanies some intermittent limping. Today I took Rudi in to see Dr. Stallings. I just had this sick feeling that we were headed down surgery lane again with his other leg.

Sure enough, 5 months exactly since the day his first leg was operated on, we find out that he has partially torn his left CCL and will need another surgery. I don't have to remind anyone how hard it is with the economy these days. We thought spending the money on the first leg was bad enough. Now here we go again. At first we thought we'd manage him very quietly and keep him restricted without any activity. It hasn't done him any good. He's getting worse and Dr. Stallings confirmed it today. We will most likely schedule something at the beginning of the new year. We can't do it before Christmas nor do we want to.

Rudi is still out of it right now. Sleeping peacefully next to me on the floor. He got sedated today for xrays and it always takes him some time to come out of it and back to normal. His leg is also a little sore from the examination. By tomorrow he should be feeling a little better.

We hate to go through this again and hate to put him through it again but once it's done he'll have two perfectly strong legs and we won't have to hold our breath everytime he goes flying out back.

Stay tuned...I'm sure we will have more updates in January.