Saturday, April 4, 2009

11 Weeks Post Op

I haven't posted in quite sometime because it's been a bit busy around here but I wanted to post a quick update on Rudi. He is now at 11 weeks post op and is doing very well. Walking well and has been let off leash to do his business out back. He sometimes gets stiff after his walks in the afternoon but at this point I believe that is normal and we just keep an eye on his progress. He normally "walks it off" shortly afterwards. He is happier and loves life as he did before all this trauma to his knees occurred. His hair is still growing back so that's probably the biggest issue with me right now. Not earth shattering but you can still tell where he was shaved. He is a GSD, however, so he has lots of hair to get back.

Brian and I went out for ice cream today and saw a family there with a beautiful long haired Shepherd. Almost pure blonde! Only a year old and that dog looked twice Rudi's size. I couldn't imagine....all that hair and all that extra weight. But I did realize going home that after Rudi I'll always have a German Shepherd! They are terrific dogs!