Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 17 Post Op - Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Rudi spent pretty much the whole day with me in the home office. I spent the day on the computer while he relaxed by the window in the make-shift cubby hole I made for him. I think he was pretty pleased to be out of his crate all day and was near me most of the time. We had terrible storms tonight but he napped right through them. He hasn't licked his incision once since the cone has been off. That's a relief. I was a bit worried that the minute I was gone for work all day he'd take the opportunity knowing I was gone. You know those ones, I tell ya! This coming week will be 3 weeks Post Op. Everyday seems to be a bit easier. He's been a trooper through it all.

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Hampton Roads Pet Rehab said...

Chelise, Brian and Rudi,
What a great blog about Rudi. I am so happy to learn he is doing well after that "surprise" surgery. You are (always) so diligent, and you did a great job. Your posting can give others hope and the courage to do what they need to do.
"Big Kisses for Rudi", ~Susan~
Hampton Roads Pet Rehabilitation