Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week Four Post Op

Rudi has made it to a month since his second surgery. We've seen a little more progress but I'll still have to say that it's a slower pace than his first surgery. His hair is coming in a little faster though so we are happy about that.
Poor boy has had an upset tummy lately though. He's had us up in the middle of the night with "potty issues" if you know what I mean. Not fun for him nor for us when we are walking him outside in 30 degree weather. Brrr!
He's been spoiled now on chicken and rice to give him something bland for his tummy. He's doing a little better. I'm wondering if it's just a bug he got. Elmo was feeling bad last week too so who knows.
Next week Rudi goes in for his 6 week xrays and then his slow walking rehab will begin. You can still hear the clicking every so often when he's walking so I might ask the surgeon to do another picture of his right leg just to make sure it's sound. He still has a limp but if I remember correctly, it will take some more time until he's really walking with 100% confidence. I'm sure rehab will help as well.
We're getting there!

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