Friday, February 27, 2009

6 Week Check Up = A+

Rudi had his final check up today with Dr. Stallings. He said he's healed rapidly and can begin short walks now. We are thrilled. The clicking in Rudi's right leg is still nothing to be concerned about. I asked Dr. Stallings to check it over again and he didn't see anything that was out of place, so to speak. It's definitely his kneecap shifting when he walks so I guess Brian and I need to just adjust to the new and improved "clicky Rudi". I guess that's what happens when you becoming bionic.
The doctor also felt it was not a great idea to put Rudi in daycare while we are in Vegas in June. Brian's brother will stay home with the dogs as a second option. Atleast that's 4 mos. away and Rudi still has time to adjust to his new legs.
This was hopefully our last visit to the surgeon's office so we asked for a photo of Rudi and Dr. Stallings. As you can see he obliged. It turned out to be a good one! One I'll keep for years to come as a reminder of what Dr. Stallings has done for our boy! He gave him the quality of life he deserves and for that we are grateful! Thank you, Dr. Stallings!

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