Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little over 7 weeks

Rudi has been doing very well lately. He's graduated from his kennel and xpen to a small room during the day and behind a baby gate when we get home from work. Still not allowed to run or jump so he's confined from the living room and bedroom. At night, he takes turns sleeping on Brian's side of the bed (his favorite place) or in his kennel. We've left his kennel in the bedroom but keep the door open so he can still use it if he wants. His fan is still in front of it so he likes that alot. He's been out to potty on his own in the backyard and he hasn't tried to run around like a maniac. He just knows to go out and do his thing and come right back in.

We are also taking very short walks for rehabilitation purposes. He's still only at the 5 min per day walk until next week. We haven't been able to walk him as much as we'd like because of the weather but it was gorgeous yesterday so he got his walk in. He is walking so much better. He was even very good yesterday when we passed another big dog going for a walk. He didn't get aggressive and start snarling and barking. I was very proud of him. I think he's just happy to be out and about.

Right now, he's enjoying the lazy morning in the screened in back porch. It's 65 degrees outside and he's loving it.

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