Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 3 Post Op

Rudi has come out of his fog for the most part. Today, it was evident that he was becoming a little restless. He moved around alot in the xpen and then decided that it was more fun to sit up and look outside at the rain than lay down and stare at the carpet. I had to snap a picture of him looking so studious staring out the window. The bruising and swelling seemed to subside a bit today. Not a whole lot but enough to see a difference. The only bad part of the day was that it rained and was very chilly outside. Of course, he felt like wandering the yard to find just the perfect spot without a care in the world that it was pouring down rain on us. I think he was just happy to be out. His appetite is still very good and he's almost finished with his anti-inflammatory meds. Then we'll be down to keeping track of 3 different type of meds rather than 4. I feel like a pharmacy these days. I'm noticing that he's putting a little more weight on his leg so that's good. I'll be handling the Rudi duties on my own for the next 3 days while Brian is at work. I think I can handle it but it feels like I'm lugging an 86lb suitcase when I take him out. It's like dealing with fine china on 4 legs. Hopefully, tomorrow it won't be raining or too cold.

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