Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rudi's Big Day - Surgery #2

Rudi's big day finally arrived! His second leg was getting operated on today! I had been so very prepared. For weeks, even! I woke up this morning with an unexpected nauseated feeling thinking about what Rudi was going to have to endure. It was a rough drive to the surgeon's office because Rudi whined the entire way there. All of his car rides end up with a vet poking and proding him and I think he remembered that. Poor guy!
Anyway, we got him there at 8am but he wasn't operated on until 3pm. An emergency situation presented itself when a cat needed a shattered leg fixed. It pushed the scheduled surgeries back several hours. Although it was frustrating to wait, I can respect Dr. Stallings for putting the emergency situation first.
Dr. Stallings called with good news at 5:30pm. Rudi came out of surgery with flying colors. He did very well and was sleeping it off in his crate peacefully. His ligament was totally ruptured. Nothing at all left so I was right when I figured that's what had happened on New Year's Day. His meniscus (cartilidge) was damaged but was saved. I was grateful for that because it would be easier on his bones later to have that extra cushioning.
I called to check on him an hour ago and he was resting nicely. The vet tech that answered the phone said "Is Master Rudi your handsome German Shepherd?" Of course I was all proud to say he was. I'll be calling again before bedtime. Boy, do I miss my Rudi! It's so empty without him in the house but before we know it he'll be right back home with us nursing him back to health. Long days and nights ahead but we know there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is well on his way to being the Bowery Bionic Boy!

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Nikki said...

I am sooo glad he came out of it well. Keep taking care of your baby :)