Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 6 Post Op

I had two doctors appointments today so it was a good way to get Rudi used to me not being home all day after today. I have to return to work tomorrow. I'm glad I took the extra time because I think Rudi needed some looking after moreso than last year. He's definitely getting back to his normal self and ready to be out of the crate. I keep telling him "Not so fast, buddy." He's got 5 more solid weeks of crate rest. He's so bored. Elmo has been really good about leaving him alone. Elmo has had some good one on one time with me and Brian. Rudi was so excited to see Brian when he got home today so I know he's feeling alot better. His eyes are bright, appetite is strong and he's pottying normal again. He's putting more weight on his leg....not the best idea right now but promising that the outcome will prove to be successful and he'll be ready to run in the Spring.

I did find out from the surgeon that the square shaved on his side was from a new cauterizing machine he has started to use during surgery. It helps during the surgery to keep the bleeding down and the area has to be shaved on a flat surface of the body in order for electrodes to be placed properly. I'm not sure I fully understand the concept but I'll be getting more information on that when I take Rudi in next Friday for staple removal. Wow! Next Friday is staple removal day! I can't believe it's come so fast. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess!

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