Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 5 Post Op

Today was freezing! The weather reports called for snow but none arrived. Brian woke up sick today so I had a post op puppy and ill husband to handle. Brian headed out the door to the doctor while I stayed home with Rudi to babysit. I didn't have that much restlessness to deal with today. I think the cold weather caused Rudi to curl up and nap in the xpen today while I watched the Inaguration. It was a non-eventful day today. Tomorrow is my last day home with Rudi this week. I will be heading back to work on Thursday - Rudi's one week since surgery. I now think I have some faint idea of what it's like for new Mom to have to return to work after being with her new baby for so long. It's a meniscule comparison but it's how I feel about leaving him. It's been a rough start but each day is getting better.

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