Monday, August 4, 2008

The Escape Artist - Rudini

So I'm going to recount the events of this evening. Although it's created some good laughs it's really not all that funny if you think about what a nightmare this could have turned out to be. So I'll start from the top:

Brian got home from work before me. He did the usual potty breaks for the dogs and afterwards put Rudi in his new den in the office. It's a small space we've made for him so he can be with us and have a little bit more room than what the kennel provides.

I got home and started working on dinner. Prior to that, I stopped in to see my boy and gave him a treat. He was very happy and excited to see me of course. I went back to my dinner preparation and there was about 30 minutes before it was finished. I sat down on the couch for a bit until the timer went off. Got up, fixed plates and told Brian that dinner was ready. I wasn't even thinking that Rudi was still in the office. I was starved. Big mistake!! Let me reiterate that Rudi is barracaded between a wall, a desk, Elmo's kennel and a baby gate supported by one of our office chairs. This has been working out very well. Ok now back to dinner....we sat down and 5 min into eating Rudi started barking. Brian went to go check on him and everything was fine. He calmed down and stopped barking. Brian sat back down and we both went back to eating dinner. Two minutes later as I put a bite of chicken in my mouth I noticed Rudi was standing right next to me at the table. I swear, it didn't even register for a moment.

Anyway, I doubt he will be left unsupervised again unless he is under lock and key in his kennel. There are many things that could have happened tonight. He could have jumped on the couch or even the bed since our bedroom door was open. Or he could have come through the kitchen and slipped on the tile floor.

We are grateful that none of that happened and while we can chuckle about it, we realize how important it is to not be so complacent during this recovery process.

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