Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week Five Post Op - Stir Crazy

Over the past five weeks there have been rawhides, chewtoys, kongs and stuffed animals for Rudi to keep himself occupied. I find myself at the pet store atleast once a week trying to find some other toys to keep his attention. Rudi enjoys his rawhides and it keeps him busy for quite sometime. The only thing we have to do when it comes to those is keep a close watch so he doesn't break a piece off and choke. Last Saturday, I ventured out to get him a rawhide and a brand new stuffed "baby". Rudi absolutely loves stuffed animals. Especially those that squeak! He also has a fondness for rabbits and we aren't sure why but he has had several in his lifetime so far. I think Rudi is getting a little stir crazy after five weeks. Check out the picture above. You will see that he "loved" his "baby" just a little too much. He decided to sit on the floor and "love" all of its stuffing out! haha!
All in all, five weeks have proven successful and Rudi is walking better and better each day. We have one more week to go to find out how well the bone has healed. I'm hoping that Dr. Stallings may release Rudi for some short walks up and down the street after next week. Rudi needs to get some more activity into his life. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll be vacuuming up stuffing for awhile.

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