Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week Seven Post Op

Rudi has been enjoying the change of pace as far as his freedom goes. During the day while we are at work, he has the whole office to himself. No more crate to contend with until it's bedtime. When we come home we give him a little extra space to roam in addition to the office. We've put up a baby gate so he has the hallway to walk around in as well. Before it gets too dark we also have our nightly walks. He's still doing very well. One night last week he was a little stiff getting up so according to doctor's orders we are to shorten the walks if that happens. Could be too much too soon. His hair is almost fully grown back and the scar is just a faint line that can be seen on the inside of his leg. Just a small reminder of what he went through almost 2 months ago.

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