Thursday, August 7, 2008

Week Four Post Op

Today has been four weeks since Rudi's knee surgery. We have come a long way! He is feeling so much better. It's a bit hard to keep him contained and calm. As you can see, he is wishing very hard that he was outside playing again. I think he misses his days of laying in the yard basking in the sun. That day will come again but it won't be for another 12 weeks. He has awhile yet before he can be let off leash in the yard. There is still some healing going on inside his leg with the bone that was restructured to support his knee. I think the excitement of chewing on rawhides has passed. I can't seem to find many more toys that hold his attention. I spend as much time as I can with him when I come home from work. He is still crated at night and during the day. Alot of the times I will bring him out and sit with him in the office on the floor while we play with his toys. I think he prefers to be engaged with me or Brian rather than alone in his crate or "apartment" we've made him in the office. Everyday and every week that passes I'm pleased with the progress. So far we haven't had any major set backs. When he does walk to go potty he is using his leg pretty well. He's not holding it up and his confidence is gradually coming back. My confidence grows along with his knowing that I made the right choice. This has been a long process and many more weeks to come but I know when the day arrives that I can take his leash off will be a tearful and joyous day! YAY, Rudi! You've made it one whole month of post op!

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