Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week Six Post Op

Today has been six weeks. Tomorrow is a big day for Rudiger. We have an appt to see Dr. Stallings for follow up xrays. He will be able to show us and tell us how good or bad Rudi has progressed since surgery. Brian and I both think Rudi has done exceptionally well. We've let him out of his crate during the day and he stays in our office. He doesn't have that much walking room and so far it's gone really well. He's walking better and better everyday. I can see a huge difference. I wondered if I'd ever remember what it was like prior to Rudi's injury and now I know the answer. Yes. He walks normal now. No toe touching, barely a limp if any at all and he seems happier. He truly is a different dog.
After tomorrow, I'm hoping Rudi will be released for walks. He really needs to get his leg strengthened again since it atrophied so bad. I'm crossing my fingers and I'll post more info tomorrow on how our appt goes. Stay tuned...

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